Wildlife Attic Restoration Services

Centex Wildlife Control offers complete attic restoration services for wildlife and animal damage in Austin, Texas. When animals inhabit your attic area, damage from feces, urine, body oils and nesting will occur. Our professional Austin insulation removal and replacement experts have developed a safe, effective procedure for removing soiled, damaged, and contaminated insulation from attics. Using commercial insulation removal vacuums and HEPA Vacuums, we are able to remove all of the insulation and other contamination in an attic without any of it traveling through the living space of your home. This ensures that no dust, debris, or animal feces from the attic, makes its way down into your home. Common wildlife attic problems include:

Animal droppings covering my insulation
Animal died in my insulation
Rodents in the insulation
Huge bird nests in my attic
Removed the animals, now need to have the attic and insulation restored
Bats and guano in my insulation in the attic
Squirrels made a nest using insulation from my attic
Had squirrels or rodents chew electric wires, need insulation removed
Wildlife can cause costly amounts of damage in an attic area, in a quick amount of time. Signs of animals in the attic can be indicated by staining on drywall from the interior, damage on the outside of the home, and from clearly evident disruption of the attic area or presence of nesting. Large amounts of feces or animal droppings can create a serious health risk in your home, and proper steps should be taken to contact one of our professionals at us today.

  • Rodent Contamination
  • Save up to 30% on your energy bills
  • Keep your home green & energy efficient
  • Improve the indoor air quality
  • Upgrade Your R-Value
  • Your insulation got damaged by rodents
  • Your insulation is 20 years or more

Attic Insulation Services from Wildlife Damage

When animals move into an attic or crawlspace, they cause a lot of damage. In addition to chewing holes in walls to access the areas, they will tear down parts of the structure in order to make their nests, and leave a mess of feces and urine.

In addition to removing the pesky animals responsible for the damage, we can help restore the structure of your attic to its original condition. Other animal removal companies may leave you with the aftermath, but we’ll take care of the animal infestation problem from start to finish. One of the most common problems with animals in the attic is damage to the insulation. Some animals that enter attics are very large and will damage insulation in several ways. Flattening of the insulation from a heavy raccoon, opossum, or squirrel is expected as they move from one end of the attic to the other. Fecal contamination or areas that they utilize for their bathroom can quickly damage insulation. Dropping accumulate daily, and there is only so much urine and feces insulation can absorb. Contaminated insulation will need to be properly removed completely. Call our restoration team to help with all your fecal removal and insulation needs.

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Attic Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services in Austin
Animal droppings or feces in an attic can create a serious health hazard. As the animal continually moves over droppings, airborne particulates can be circulated. If there is duct damage, and feces present, this could be a disaster. Proper precautions should be taken for remediating animal feces in an attic. Contaminated areas should be avoided. Areas in your attic with heavy fecal accumulations need to be kept undisturbed and professional help should be contacted. Fecal accumulations in attic areas can often harbor pathogens, parasites, and bacteria. Droppings do not organically break down as they might naturally outside exposed to the elements. In an attic area with limited ventilation, bacteria and zoonotic disease can be present in animal feces. Exposure from disturbance of particulates of contaminated material in your attic can occur, and you should contact our specialists for immediate help.

Centex Wildlife specialists start the restoration process by using full personal protection equipment fully disinfecting everything in the attic before anything is touched. This includes disinfecting joists, beams, insulation, contaminates, wires, and anything else that may be in your attic. Next, removing contaminates as some droppings will be large and need to be removed manually. Once all contaminants are removed, soiled insulation can be removed by our commercial vacuums. Once all insulation is out, careful inspection of drywall and electric wires can be visually inspected. Disinfecting and sanitizing once everything is out of the attic, ensures contact with the drywall and joists, allowing new installation of insulation to be replaced.

HVAC Duct Damage in Attic from Wildlife Damage
Animals in an attic will often associate the cool touch of the duct lines, to water. Using their hands just like we do, they can easily tear duct lines wide open creating costly problems. If the animal or animals start using the duct line as shelter, or if there are any feces or urine in the line, that leads to contamination and can result in needing to replace the entire duct system. EPA regulations suggest if any animal has entered soft insulated ductwork, that there is no amount of duct cleaning that can work. The only thing that will be effective in removing and replacing the duct line. Contaminates from feces, urine, blood, and body oils do not break down in an HVAC line especially an open line that contains moisture. Disturbance of the feces or droppings from the animal can spread airborne particulates throughout the entire duct system, resulting in costly damage. Quick action should be taken if you suspect animals are in your duct lines. Call our restoration specialists today.

Electrical Wire Damage in Attic from Wildlife Damage
Electrical Wire damage caused by animals will usually occur when electric wires are in close proximity to where animals are located in your attic. As animals move in tight places along with the soffit areas in an attic, electrical wires can often get chewed, pulled, or shredded from wildlife. The most obvious sign if you have animals or electric wire damage, is if you have lights, fixtures, plugs, or appliances, that have stopped working. Prompt action is required if you feel animals have damaged your electric lines.