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(Yes We Get On The Roof)

Our Exterior Inspection Consists Of One Of Our Highly Trained Professionals Evaluating The ENTIRE Exterior Of The Structure. Our Inspections Here At Cen-Tex Wildlife Control Are Nothing Close To Ordinary, It Takes Expertise And An Extremeely HIGH REGARD For SAFETY.

(Call Around And Compare Other Wildlife Control Companies Inspection Fees)

Our  Technician's Evaluate The Entire Structure, Roof, Siding, Foundation, etc., The Strucuture Will Be Gone Over Form Top To Bottom. During The Exterior Inspection Technicians Will Find And Take Note Of Any & All Areas Of Animal Accessibility That Will Require Sealing.

We provide a Wildlife Inspection Report to ensure your property is safe and free of wildlife and pests. During OUR inspection, we will check: chimneys, vents, roof, insulation, attic, gutters, eaves, siding, brick, weep holes, foundation vents, weatherstripping, dryer vents, conducive conditions, ridge vents, construction gaps as well as any other area/s of concern pertaining to your target animal!

To effectively solve your nuisance wildlife problem an inspection must be performed. We charge a flat fee of $35 for residential inspections and $75 for commercial properties. If animals are inside your attic or crawl space, it is important that all wildlife entry points are found otherwise the problem will persist.

Commercial, Residential Wildlife Inspections

What We Do:
Inspection of the Property
If a problem is discovered, it is imperative to access any damage, if young animals are also present, and immediately determine what action to take. Restoration of your property in a safe and permanent way is now the most important consideration.

Collecting the Facts and Consider the Options

Once the problem has been identified, taking action to solve & rid your self of the animals is the next step. Wildlife exclusion, eco-friendly repellents,  and habitat modification are all possible, humane strategies.

Will the action solve the problem or merely address the symptoms? The solution needs to address the underlying cause of the problem to be effective over the long-term.

Written Report
Whether we find animal control issues or give you home or property a clean bill of health, you will receive a written report from a state-certified wildlife removal agent detailing our findings. This can be used for home valuation, as a selling tool, or just kept for your own peace of mind. Give us a call today to learn more about this service.

Wildlife Removal Inspections by Centex Wildlife Control will include a thorough inspection of the following areas:

Inspecting for the type or species of animal you may have.
Inspecting for damage caused by the animal.
Inspecting for young wildlife and nests.
Full Inspection of your attic.
Full Inspection of your crawlspace 
Perimeter Inspection around your home.
Soffit and Fascia Inspection for construction gaps.
Roofline Inspection around the perimeter of your home.
Vent Inspections to ensure screening is adequate and intact.
Inspection of electrical wiring.
Inspection of HVAC duct lines.
Inspection of the moisture or vapor barrier.
Inspection of all insulation, like animals, will use insulation to make nests.
Garage, Deck, and Patio Inspections.
Drainage Inspections