CEN-TEX WILDLIFE CONTROL Specializes in the EXTERMINATION and exclusion of RATS & MICE from all structure types, no matter the shape or size when it comes to Rats we've got you covered. Not only do We remove the Rats.

We also Cleanup the Droppings they leave behind. Let's face it Austin is home to A LOT of RATS, although most of Austin's Rat Population consist of Roof Rats, we also see Norway Rats, and Of course, Mice Are A year-round Nuisance Here!





About The Roof Rat

The roof rat is dark brown to black in color and measures 13 to 18 inches in length including tail. They weigh 5-9 ounces, are slender, and their ears are large and nearly hairless. Their droppings are long and cylindrical . Nesting Requirements
Roof rats nest outside in trees, woodpiles, debris, and in dense vegetation. Inside, roof rats prefer to nest in the upper levels of a building in the attic and ceiling.

Food Preferences
Roof rats are omnivorious , but tend to more vegetarian preferences. Typical food is fresh fruit, plant material, nuts and seeds, vegetables and even tree bark.

Medical Importance
Rats can spread disease. Sometimes they transmit disease directly by contaminating food with their urine or feces or by biting people. Indirectly, they transmit by infecting as when fleas bite a disease-infected rat, then a person or other animal.

Potential Damage
Rat burrows can cause structural damage by undermining the foundations of buildings, roads and walkways, can cause damage by gnawing, damaging plastic and lead pipes, door frames, upholstery, and electric wires, and can cause damage through the destruction and contamination of stored foods

Common signs of roof rat activity

Visual sightings on power lines, trees, bushes, patios, roofs, etc.
Hollowed citrus and other fruit
Rat droppings
Noises in the attic and walls
Gnawing sounds and gnaw marks around roof eaves
Damage to plastics and coverings on electrical wires
Unsettled pets

Places roof rats have been found

They have been found in swimming pools, laundry rooms, attics, garages, and patios.
Roof rats spend 90 percent of their life 4 feet or more off the ground.

Roof rat traveling patterns

Roof rats are strongly arboreal (tree inhabitants) and travel along power lines to trees, oleanders, vines, and roofs.
They can climb up brick , concrete block and other rough surfaces.
They can jump 2 feet up and 4 feet horizontally (double the horizontal distance if they are jumping from a height).
Ground covers and compost bins also provide safe travel routes and nests.
During twilight and nighttime hours, within a territory 200 to 300 feet from their daytime nesting locations.

How roof rats enter homes

They enter homes, sheds, garages and other structures through any opening larger than a nickel, looking for places safe from predators and good for nesting.
They may follow pipes down from the attic, gnaw through drywall, to access structures
They may chew through wood, plastic, aluminum siding, sheet rock , and soft metals to gain access to interiors.
Attics provide a safe refuge, a nesting place for their young and routes into the home below.

What roof rats eat and drink

They love to eat all types of citrus and other fruits, and nuts, including:

Oranges (including ornamental oranges)
Palm fruit, including Queen Palm fruit, especially in summer when citrus is not available
All nut fruits like walnuts, almonds and pecans
Rats do not have a discerning taste for fruit like humans
Fruit can be green (unripe) or even rotted
Rats eat fruit more for their water content than for food sustenance

They’ll also eat:

Bird seed (both in feeders and stored in bags)
Dog and cat food (left outside after dark are favorites)
Stored grains
Vegetables in your garden
Tree bark
Animal and taxidermy hides
Beeswax and candle wax

Water sources include:

Leaky faucets
Leaky sprinkler heads
Leaky irrigation boxes
Bird baths
Water fountains
Ornamental ponds
Irrigation lines
Air conditioner condensation drip lines
Saucers under potted plants
Pet water dishes
And remember, they will chew through metal and plastic pipes to reach water !


"Serving All of Central Texas"

Centex Wildlife Control is an Austin based business specializing in permanent Rat Removal. We "get rats out & we keep them out" Guaranteed. We remove unwanted Rats and perform professional "Exclusions". These exclusions are "guaranteed" to keep rats "out". For our customer's security, Centex Wildlife Control provides Warranties on our repair work upon exclusion completion. (In some extreme cases, warranties may not be provided)

"STAY AWAY" from the pest control companies that use “pesticides & repellant” treatments for rat problems. The biggest and most common mistake these Pest Control operators are making is treating rat infestations or problems as they are bugs.

 NOTICE: These pest control companies like to keep you paying monthly, quarterly, annually, or for a lifetime, never really solving the problem at hand. They keep you paying with never-ending, trapping campaigns, or poison programs. Rats are Animals Not Bugs. Repellant Tactics Do Not Work and who wants “Dead Rats” showing up everywhere (walls, attic, yard, etc.) That’s not very sanitary.

We regularly receive calls about "Dead Rats" in people's properties (attics, walls, etc.). Most often, these calls are received because customers made the mistake of going with an inexperienced pest control company that had used poisons. When poisons are used for rat control, the rats are obviously going to die somewhere. Centex Wildlife Control regularly has to remove dead rats from properties in some cases having to cut out walls, and or depreciate attic insulation in the process. Avoid inexperienced pest control companies, let them stick to the bugs and Centex Wildlife Control will take care of the animals.

Rat/Mice Removal & Solutions Austin, TX

Centex Wildlife Control removes mice and rats from properties through humane or lethal trapping. We can determine through a site evaluation of how many mice and or rats are present on the property. We can provide a permanent solution to your rat or mouse problem by determining the points of entry and sealing them as well as sealing other vulnerable points. We use top of the line materials and All of our work comes with a warranty.

The only way to properly and effectively get rid of a rat or mice problem is to perform a full property exclusion. Many companies want to place clients on a treatment program that will just have you paying forever. This logic may work with bugs in which pest control companies use pesticides, but rats are animals and should be categorized under wildlife. Centex Wildlife Control avoids silly programs and treatments which are ineffective. We take the problem head-on and do the job right, which is always warranted (unless stated otherwise in the contract). That's right our work is warranted (unless stated otherwise), we remove existing rats/mice, perform a full property exclusion, and if, for some reason rats/mice return in the warranty time frame, we return at no additional cost to re-address the problems. Our objective is to provide a permanent solution and perform a proper exclusion the first time.

Centex Wildlife Control is professionals in performing these full property exclusions for rats/mice, we utilize very expensive and super strong materials to keep rats/mice out permanently. Stay away from the do-it-yourself neighbor, contractor, or other pest companies that use EXPANDABLE FOAM. Expandable foam looks horrible, doesn't work, and deprecated in this hot Texas sun. Rats can chew through almost anything and consider your property/business their home, so they WILL find other ways in or simply chew through such weak materials.

Rat Feces Are Dangerous And Must Be Removed Austin, TX

Attic insulation makes a very cozy home for rats and mice, we regularly come across attics filled with animal rodent droppings and urine. Rats & Mice that gain access to attic spaces use the insulation as nesting material, creating burrows leaving feces and urine behind as well as under the insulation. It may start to smell and, urine spots may start to appear on your ceiling. For a 100% effective rat exclusion with warranty all feces must be removed since the feces act as a lure for future rats/mice as well as other animals.


 Rat & Mice feces are very hazardous, refer to our Dangerous Animal Feces Page. Centex wildlife Control can also remove all fecal matter as well as any saturated insulation. It is recommended that all insulation be removed and replaced because Rats & Mice create tunnels in which we cannot see. There tends to be an excessive fecal matter under the removed insulation which is not visible until the top layers are removed. For more information on our fecal matter, and insulation removal procedures refer to our Attic Decontamination Page.

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